Terms of Service

1. Introduction

The primary mission of Magaghat is to create, develop and host tools based on mathematics and artificial intelligence (AI) dedicated to the study of classical Armenian language also known as Grabar.

Throughout this Terms, any natural person who, as a recipient of the Service, accesses or uses the Service for any purpose is a User (“User”, “you”, and other second-person pronouns such as “yours”, etc.). Users who are logged-in to their account on magaghat.ai will be referred to as Members, and Users who browse the content of the website in a logged-out mode will be referred to as Visitors.

The purpose of this Terns is to clarify the role of magaghat.ai (“Magaghat”, “we”) as a Service provider and the way this Service can be used.

Personal Information

For the Service to function properly, we need to collect some information from you, either by asking you to provide this information or by collecting it in some cases. Thus, we ask you to check our Privacy Policy which clarifies what information we collect from you, how we collect, and what we do with that information in the course of your use of the Service.

2. Hosted content on magaghat.ai

Users agree to the following:

I will not use others’ material for commercial purposes or in improper ways.

Each User is the sole responsible person for any data they contribute. Hence, we ask you to act with caution and responsibility when contributing any data to magaghat.ai. In particular, when creating a content on magaghat.ai you should refrain from certain activities outlined below (see Section 3). We reserve the right to remove your submissions or even suspend your account should a violation of our Terms of Service occur.

We reserve the right to modify your contribution made on magaghat.ai in the data labelling process.

3. Inappropriate activities

When using the Service we ask you to apply common sense when you post something on magaghat.ai. In the event of discovering inappropriate activities, we reserve the right to delete a content containing inappropriate material or suspend the user’s utilization of the Service or any other measures deemed appropriate or necessary. In particular behaviour and activities which will always be deemed inappropriate when using the Service are (but not limited to) the following:

  • Intentionally making false, deceptive, defamatory or misleading statements.

  • Posting or commenting on Personal Information concerning another person.

  • Posting any information you do not have a right to post.

  • Posting any intimidating, immoral, or shocking material.

  • Posting material that: violates the law and regulations, or is unlawful, or is secret/confidential, or belongs to someone else, or infringes on others’ IPR (intellectual property rights).

  • Taking credit for others’ material.

  • Commercialize any application or software belonging to magaghat.ai.

  • Post any material with the primary intention of directing Users to content outside magaghat.ai.

  • Transfer your magaghat.ai account to another party, operate an account under a false name, or impersonating others.

  • Intentionally act to interfere with and interrupt the service of magaghat.ai.

  • Distribute and advertise commercial content, job and business offers.

  • Intentionally infect others with viruses, worms, or other malicious software.

  • Use any automated means (robots, crawlers, spiders, etc.) to access magaghat.ai or any of its webpages for any purpose.

4. Password

You are responsible for protecting your password and should never share it with anyone. If you observe any unusual activity with your account or you suspect that your account might have been compromised in some way, please change your password and contact us immediately at support@magaghat.ai.

Magaghat.ai will never ask you to provide your password either by email or by other means of communication.

5. License of Contents on magaghat.ai

Users of magaghat.ai who contribute data (e.g. through our labelling interface) grant magaghat.ai permissions and a non-exclusive license to redistribute and reuse their contributions and the IP it might contain provided proper attribution has been given.

For invited articles hosted on the website the authors grant magaghat.ai an exclusive license for their redistribution. Any usage of such articles must have proper attribution to their source on magaghat.ai.

I grant magaghat.ai permission to redistribute and reuse my contributions.

I grant magaghat.ai a non-exclusive license to all material I contribute, including but not limited to allow it to be discoverable through standard search engines wherever applicable.

6. Intellectual Property (IP)

User IP: Users own their IP. No transfer of IP Rights occur when using the services of magaghat.ai. However, Section 5 above apply to all IP.

If Users share someone else’s IP they shall always name the source.

For clarification: magaghat.ai users’ IP should under no circumstances be used for commercial purposes or in improper ways.

Magaghat.ai’s IP: The software running the Service, the site design and content, logos and other graphics, articles and other texts, as well as the database are protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws in multiple jurisdictions.

7. Closing your account

If you have created an account on magaghat.ai, you may close it at a later time. However, if you have contributed data on the platform, it may not be deleted with your account. We will, however, apply anonymization whenever possible, replacing your name or username on the webpages of magaghat.ai by an artificially generated anonymous name, and destroying links on magaghat.ai leading to your profile.

8. Changes to this Terms

We reserve the right to modify this Terms at any time. Any updates to this note will be published on magaghat.ai and you are advised to check the website from time to time for the most up to date version of this document. By continuing to use the Service you agree to this Terms. If a change occurs to this Terms to which you do not agree and for that reason you might wish to close your account, you may do so using your account settings on magaghat.ai. Because the Service and technologies used there are not in a static state, there are several reasons which might necessitate a change to this Terms, including but not limited to:

  • If the change is to benefit the experience of our Users when using the Service.

  • If the modification is of a purely technical or process-related nature without any palpable impact on our Users.

  • If we are obliged to comply with applicable law.

  • If we introduce a new functionality or change an existing one.

Last updated on 19 Dec 2019